Summer Savers Promotion

Every month, for the next seven months from September to March we will be giving away a retirement coaching program for one lucky drawee (the market value of the offer is ZAR3,493). All you have to do is...

Coaching Program for Monthly Drawee

step 1

Monthly Drawee

For the monthly drawee, the coaching program starts with a meet-and-greet. The aim of the session is to have a conversation in a comfortable space where the coach will explore what the coachee would like to achieve with the program.

step 2


After the meet-and-greet, the coachee will receive a retirement coaching outline from the coach. The outline will highlight coaching goals, the scope of the next 6 coaching sessions, and details of arrangements. Six sessions are normally enough to deal with 4-6 coaching priorities.

step 3

Retirement Plan

The end goal of the coaching program is your dream retirement plan. This is a summary of all the actions you decide with your coach, it is your blue-print for living your dream. After coaching, join our Facebook family to share and learn about retirement with others.

Terms & Conditions- Only entrants using the provided link will qualify. Maximum one entry per-person per-month. The draw will take place on the last day of each month. A monthly draw is not transferable. The time-to-retire team's decision on the monthly drawee is final. The monthly drawee will be notified by an email, and announced on Facebook each month.

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